Who Are We?

Craig Spine and Sport was started to lead people to health and redefine Chiropractic as not just manipulation (adjustments) but also rehab exercise and muscle therapies based on the most current evidence in evaluation and treatment options. Our goal is to work cooperatively with our patients so they look, feel, and perform better than they ever have.

How Can We Help?

We Provide a wide variety of services from foot orthotics, to chiropractic manipulation and release techniques

Dr. Matt Craig

Hello, my name is Dr. Matt Craig. I founded Craig Spine and Sport in November 2014 and began seeing patients in 2015. I was born and raised in Spring Bay, Illinois and made Morton our family’s home in 2014. My wife of 18 years, Kendra, works along side of me at Craig Spine and Sport and we have two beautiful daughters, Piper and Ava.

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