Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization

Here, Dr. Craig is Helping this Patient Control Her Ribcage to Train Shoulder Stability on Her Left Side

Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS) is the latest approach in functional treatment. It was developed in the Czech Republic by Dr. Pavel Kolar and brought to the United States by he and his team. Dr. Craig has studied and completed several of the curriculum courses and studied with several members of the DNS team. The DNS concept is based on the fundamental, innate movement of healthy children during development. It serves as a guideline that compares an adult posture and movement to the developmental models of infants and toddlers and their ideal patterns. For example, parents don’t have to teach their baby to roll, it happens automatically and with the ideal strategy. These ideal baby movements set the foundation for all of our movements as adults. When we experience pain or an injury, DNS can be used to ‘reboot’ our body’s ability to move pain free using the muscles and joints as they were intended. At Craig Spine and Sport, our treatments include but are certainly not limited to the adjustment (or manipulation). Dr. Craig believes that if movements are not restored to ideal, muscles are not strengthened, AND joints are not stabilized, then the joint will require frequent, continued adjustments.

These developmental exercises are the hallmark exercises for our office and are used to establish strong foundations to advance patients through an extensive rehab exercise program and, ultimately, to a resistance training program. We believe, “Weak things Break,” and the best way to insure long term health and recovery is to address joints and muscles as they were designed to function.

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