Foot Orthotics

Precise molds are taken of your feet and combined with a Video Analysis, as well as specific clinical exam at the office and then sent off to be fabricated by Shawn Eno, a Pedorthist, at Xtreme Footwerks in Idaho Springs, Colorado. Once the orthotics return, the patient is fitted to insure that the foot issue has been effectively addressed. When your feet feel better your whole body feels better. Inquire today to see if you are a good candidate for Custom Made Quality Foot Orthotics.

Custom Made Orthotics allow the specific needs of patients to be treated individually. Insuring proper function of the feet is crucial as they are the first parts of our body to contact the ground and set joints in motion throughout the kinetic chain. Feet are complex! Each foot has approximately 55 joints that are working collectively to allow us to walk, run, jump, or kick a ball.

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